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QA & Testing

QA & Testing

Organizations look for new ways to reduce testing costs while increasing testing scalability. Independent Software Vendors understand that it is of the utmost importance to deliver software of exceptional quality for managing business applications. With years of experience and deep insight into every stage of STLC, Adroit Associates Inc. takes an innovative and holistic approach towards application testing. Instead of testing for quality at the end, we focus on it throughout the application development life cycle to produce a greater ROI, while adhering to compliance and industry standards. Adroit Associates mantra' and highly optimized testing processes improves quality, reliability, and produces a faster time to market.

Testing Strategy

  • Unit Testing: Unit testing along with Code review is integral part of all development we do.
  • Integration Testing: Developer moves his/her changes to Dev environment where his changes are tested independently and Dev/QA can do Integration Testing.
  • Validation Testing: QA validates the items which are release ready on QA Environment. Once QA validates the item they are marked as Stage Ready. Scheduled automated Test Cases are executed on this environment.
  • System Testing: QA gives final round of testing on Stage Environment (which is close replica of Production). Load testing is also performed on this environment. Items passed this testing are marked as Release candidate.
  • Release Day Testing: Sanitary testing is done for all items which are moved to production after the release. Along with that one round of Key areas and functional flows are tested.

Testing Approach

Before QA team marked an item as release ready, they have to pass most or all of below testing requirement.

  • Functional Testing: The item should pass all functionality specified in design document/ wiki page.
  • Regression Testing: System integrity is tested and its validated that there is no adverse impact on over all system behavior.
  • Exception / Negative Testing: Edge cases and robustness of the system is tested.
  • Performance Testing: A lot of emphasis is given on performance and its made sure that the systems performance is always predictable under varying load. It is also tested that system is efficiently scaling-in /scaling-out and scaling-up/scaling-down as load on system change.
  • Platform Compatibility Testing: Browser specific testing is done for web applications. And Device Specific testing for Mobile Apps is done. This testing is done as per Browser, Hardware and OS as per agreed upon Compatibility Guidelines.
  • Usability Testing: A/B Testing and Hallway testing is done as per projects need.
  • Installation Testing: If system has any installation requirement (e.g. Mobile Apps). QA validates it by writing test cases specifically for Installation.